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plan cities with automated traffic 

I am developing automated traffic models based on the soup of wireless and driverless standards which the auto industry has put into place. Over the next 20 years, as old vehicles age out, these new standards could become universal for privately-owned autonomous vehicles. Future traffic systems made up of vehicles with these standards----including wireless networks powerful enough to guide and control autonomous vehicles in great fleets----would need to be computer-controlled, system-wide, and prioritized down to the individual car or mini-bus, designed long in advance. Cities have the ability to plan, choose, and design automated traffic routes today. This site has some of what cities will need to start long-range planning, including the changing nature of freeways, technologies which will underlie the automated traffic revolution and what automated traffic means for the pedestrian experience. I want you to know which models work, which ones don't, and which decisions fast-changing cities need to make in advance.

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